We are Beautynet

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At Beautynet, we are passionate about brands.

Since our creation in 2008, Beautynet has established itself as an innovator and market leader with a proud record of successfully bringing through new brands, as well as extending the life of one-off and established lines through carefully planned and controlled distribution strategies.

Although established in 2008, we are a second-generation family operating within the health and beauty industry and our values of trust, reliability and discretion have been handed down and still guide our business today, allowing us to build long-lasting trusted partnerships.

Our many years of operation give us a financial strength and market confidence that our partners are glad to rely on. We can make quick buying decisions, no matter what the parcel size, and execute a distribution strategy that adds value to your brand equity.


How we work

We are experts in developing brands and in providing creative, efficient and value building solutions to all our partners. 
Our attention to the detail of every situation, to service and to the sharing of our expert insight are what differentiate us from competitors and allows us to build completely tailored distribution solutions. And you can rest assured that we have all the resources to deliver on the tailored plans we design for you.

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Who we work with

Our clients range from major lifestyle brands to boutique names. Each client has a unique situation, and our team of experts help them realise their goals.
Our customers include major brick and mortar chains, online retailers and independent retailers and salon chains. These businesses also benefit from our strategic advice as well as the products we source from our network.
We are proud of our heritage, love helping the people we work with to succeed and are excited about the future of our industry.


Senior Management

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Liam de Glanville


Founder and Commercial Director at Beautynet Limited

Graduating from Leeds university with a language degree I then spent 6 years in London, gaining valuable “Big Business” experience at IBM. My time at IBM gave me a background in strategic thinking, but also made me aware of the inefficiencies of the supply chain of corporate organisations.

With this firmly in mind I moved to Bristol in 2007 and into the family distribution business before forming Beautynet Ltd in 2008. From early days supplying FMCG products to cash and carries and independent retailers in the UK, we evolved to focus on helping some of the world’s largest health and beauty manufacturers solve some of those supply chain problems, enabling us to build enduring distribution partnerships throughout Europe and globally.

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Jack de Glanville

Owner and Operations Director at Beautynet Limited

After graduating from Manchester Business School with a degree in International Management with American Business Studies, I spent 9 years working in retail strategy consulting at Accenture, spending time based out of both the London and New York offices.

My time with Accenture gave me great insight into both customer relationship management and the opportunities within the retail sector, experience which has been invaluable in helping Beautynet understand how to best serve our business partners every day.  I joined my brother Liam at Beautynet in January 2015 and I am now based in Bristol. Away from London but with great access to Europe, Bristol is a wonderfully relaxed place to base our company, and I believe our business culture reflects that.